2019 Sponsors

Sponsorship packages are designed to help us reach the people that God will call to attend this event. We will be advertising On Map On Mission using social media, online marketing, and word-of-mouth channels in the automotive community worldwide. Sponsorship packages include tickets to share with friends and colleagues, recognition on event signage, and listing on this website.

Sponsorships will help us fund the logistics for this event include theater rental, event security, merchandise, music, and getting our featured speaker, Kevin Myers to San Francisco.  While the costs are high, the return will be great as we reconnect people in the automotive industry to Christ. All net proceeds will be donated to charity.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Carrie Pasch at 908-601-6475. We have the following sponsorship package available:

Ticket Packages

  1. On Map Silver Sponsorship – $1,000 includes 10 tickets to the event and seating in rows 5-10
  2. On Map Gold Package – $2,000 includes 15 tickets to the event and seating in rows 3 and 4
  3. On Map Platinum Package – $3,000 includes 20 tickets to the event and seating in row 1 and 2

Special Underwriting Packages

  1. Book Gift Sponsor $2,500 – We will be purchasing Kevin Myers latest book to distribute to attendees, which will be released in January 2019 (God’s perfect timing). Our plan is to purchase over 500 books since his latest book fits perfectly with our conference theme: “On Map On Mission”.  This package comes with 10 tickets to the event.
  2. On Map Event Sponsor $5,000 – Two are available. Inquire about this customized sponsorship level with Carrie or Brian Pasch.

All sponsors will be recognized on the event website as well as in the theater on signage and visual announcements.


Kevin Myers – Featured Speaker

Kevin Myers, the founding pastor of 12Stone Church, a congregation of more than 30,000 active attenders near Atlanta, believes the reason we don’t experience a transformed life is that we fail to grow up spiritually. We focus on developing physically, intellectually, emotionally, and financially, yet our faith remains immature and anemic.

In his new book “Grown-Up Faith“, Myers offers a deep yet simple roadmap to a grown-up faith through understanding the whole context of the Bible, developing spiritual intimacy with God, and gratefully embracing holy obedience.

As you understand the Bible and the big picture of God’s story with humanity, you begin to find answers to life’s most compelling questions. As you begin to understand God more, your longing and ability to experience spiritual intimacy with him increases, as does your desire to obey what God asks of you and your ability to follow through. This is the way to the bigger life, a life even better than you expected–or even dreamed possible.